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New Hybrid Bio/Nanomaterial Synthesis
As a Molecular Diagnostic Techniques


DNA-based materials are attracting so much attention because they allow design and assembly of well-defined structures by DNA hybridization. Of great importance is the functionalization of those DNA materials with non-nucleic acid components such as proteins and nanoparticles, thereby broadening the bioavailability of materials with limited properties entirely composed of nucleic acids.

Our group aims to design and develop a new type of nucleic acid-based nanomaterials for the specific use as therapeutic and diagnostic platforms. We have showed a few examples of using nucleic acids as generic materials to construct unique and complex three dimensional structures that integrate various biomolecules and nanomaterials. These materials include gold nanoparticles   , magnetic particles   , quantum dots   , semiconductive polymeric nanoparticles, liposomes       , etc.


We also reported robust and straightforward strategies using rolling circle techniques that enable facile conjugation or attachment of DNA structures with various biomolecules and nanomaterials through selective chemistries or preferred interactions               . With in-depth understanding of structures, interactions, and biological activities of the developed nucleic acid-based nanomaterials in test tubes and in living systems, we will expand their use to embedding/delivering bioactive molecules and imaging/detecting biomarkers for therapeutic and diagnostic systems.

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