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Advanced Therapeutic / Diagnostic Systems
Impacting a range of diseases

백신 접종
혈액 샘플

Surgery and chemo- and radiotherapy remain the most prominent forms of cancer treatment; the field is still lacking in targeted, intelligent, and specific routes of administering drugs to treat cancer. Hundreds of new "nanomedicine" carriers have been proposed over the years with some rather limited success but yet much more to be done to develop improved carrier systems. In our opinion, one of the key issues is that the understanding of how these carriers interact with the cancer from the tumor to the single cell level and even sub-cellular level is still in its infancy. The improved techniques for cancer detection and characterization will provide a wealth of detail to both differentiate between healthy and diseased cells and monitor a patient's response to treatment.

We have designed specialized carriers for the delivery of therapeutics and imaging agents. We have experience in designing and engineering liposomes, polymersomes, polymeric nanoparticles, DNA flowers, inorganic nanoparticles with targeting capabilities and on-demand responsiveness in the presence of specific targets. Therefore, we aim to design highly specific nanotherapeutics and nanodiagnostics which exploit the key features identified as unique to target diseases, including cancer, virus and bacteria infection, and cardiac diseases.

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